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Do you have a Tribe?

And Just Like That is a better show than I thought it would be. I love the fashions, first and foremost. Yes, sure some of the outfits I would never wear, but they all carry it off well, especially Carrie. Her shoes are always to die for even though we all know there is no way she is walking the streets of New York with those heels, but I love the styling. The gorgeous homes, architecture, and artwork displayed is also over the top for most of us, but I love seeing it anyway, and since I am from the east coast, it’s enjoyable to see the city even if it is on TV.

But what I like most of all is the camaraderie between the main characters, Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte. Okay, I realize it’s just a TV show and all fake, but it has given me a lot to think about. I wish I had those women in my life. Seriously. Women need women, period. We need that camaraderie. We need our TRIBE. I have friends in my life that I’ve known for years, some 40+ years, but we don’t all know each other! That is what those three ladies have. Each other! Through the good times and the bad.

If I had a tribe, we’d have a really cool name like The Wild & Wacky Western Ladies, or the Tequila Shooters. Maybe even something more assertive like The National Bitches (maybe we’re from all over the country). No, I couldn’t do that because I bet you it’s already taken. In any case, I’d be really honored to have a tribe and I’d want everyone to know that I had these beautiful, smart, clever gals as my tribe. It only makes us stronger when women support women. Honestly and truly support one another even when one us is acting immature; especially when one of us is acting immature.

When Miranda tried to abandon Charlotte and Carrie on one episode because of a disagreement, Carrie was not having it. Carrie calmly walked after her and said wait a minute, we do not want another Samantha situation in our lives so let us work this out. That is the mature thing to do, and guess what, they worked it out! Neither Carrie nor Charlotte changed their minds or position on the situation, but they agreed to disagree. They continue to remain friends in TV Land.

Now why can’t women do that in real life? I am serious. Why do women prefer to have immature tantrums and walk away from friends or a friend they have had for many, many years? It does not even matter how long they have been friends? And why are some women afraid to share their friends? Again, totally serious. I have friends that don’t want me to know any of their other friends. What kind of weirdness is that???? My point is, if you cannot have a disagreement or different perspective about something with your friend for fear of losing that friend, are they really your friend? And, if you share one friend with another friend and then they become friends, is this a bad thing?

LADIES, life is short. Time is something we can never get back. If you invest in a friendship for years on end, how do you walk away from someone so easily and quickly? Now, with that said, I have walked away from people who are completely toxic or who have mercilessly stabbed me in the back, but again, they’re showing me their true colors even if they did have to slap me upside the head with it. But there are others who have walked out of my life that I wish I could have had one last conversation to understand why they felt they could not trust me enough to express why they were mad or sad with me or wanted to “break” up with me. I’m a big girl and can handle it. I promise.

We have all experienced so much death these past few years, haven’t we learned a thing? None of know what tomorrow will bring so why let some small misunderstanding get in the way of things? Perhaps I am just more able to confront a situation than some, I don’t know. But I do know this, friends are hard to come by and if you cannot honor a friendship through and through, it says a lot. Even if you must tell that friend, hey, you know I just cannot talk about this right now, but I do not want to end our friendship. I need space. Isn’t that more mature and better than just walking out of their life? I think it is.

So, for all the women out there that have friendships like Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, and maybe Samantha, I envy you in a good way. You are lucky. Cherish those women as I am sure you already do. Like I said, I have some great friends that have my back, and I could trust with my life, but they do not all know one another. I wish they did because we would be a force to be reckoned with. And Just Like That, I am open to making room for a whole new set of friends that all know one another. I'm in AZ and if you want to start a Tribe, hit me up.

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