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Curly-haired Deva's

It’s barely starting to cool down in Arizona, and not a moment too soon. Most of the time, I allow my hair to air dry which is very easy to do in this climate because it’s a #dryheat and it dries super-fast in the warmer months. When it gets cold in Phoenix, it’s also a “dry” cold. I know that may not sound logical, but it’s colder without humidity therefore it’s not a great time to air dry my hair. I love blow drying it straight, too, and it’s a nice change of pace, but I get lazy and don’t always feel like blow drying my hair. Enter the #DevaCurl #DevaFuser Hair Dryer Diffuser. This product is not new, just new to me. I’ve used diffusers before and never felt satisfied with the results. My hair seemed frizzier after using one and with silver hair, frizzy is not something I need more of. But something always caused me to pay attention to coverage about the #devacurldevafuser. Perhaps it is the style of the product that was intriguing. In any case, it had been a long time since I last tried a diffuser and I thought perhaps with this new style diffuser something may have changed.

You can buy the universal DevaCurl DevaFuser by itself that will fit on most hairdryers. I have a few different blow dryers and it does not fit on all of them, but the one I use for this diffuser is an old hairdryer with the wider nozzle and it fits fine. You can also purchase the DevaDryer and DevaFuser combo. The DevaCurl DevaFuser is shaped like a hand so you can get at the roots of your hair and build volume if that’s something you like or need. Personally, I love big hair in case you haven’t noticed. There are many YouTube videos on how to use it and I did find some tips that helped me increase or decrease volume depending on my mood, but most of the time I’m in big-hair mode so that truly was a no-brainer. It definitely tames my frizzies and gives me a better curl. As a sidebar, this is NOT a paid testimonial. However, I think I’d be the perfect spokesperson for DevaCurl products, don’t you?? Seriously, I love the shape of the hand because it spreads heat throughout drying your hair in record time. I’ve used it quite a few times now and love it more and more. I highly recommend this product as it lives up to its claims. This winter I won’t have to leave the house looking like a drowned rat with wet hair.

People say to me all the time, “but you have great hair” like it’s an excuse for them not being able to have great hair. Not true. Behind every woman with great hair is a #greathairdresser. I am fortunate to have found an Emmy Award Winning Hairdresser in Scottsdale. Having a hairdresser that knows her sh*t, makes all the difference in the world. It will change your life. I’m not kidding, and although this blog isn’t necessarily about my wonderful hairdresser, it wouldn’t be worth posting if it weren’t for her. Her name is Sari and you can find her on Instagram at #sarihair. You will not be sorry, and everyone I recommend to her has become a loyal client. (Tell her Nancy sent you.) Because of Sari and her cutting skills, I can wear my hair curly or straight without much of a struggle. My point being that yes, this diffuser is wonderful and I love it, but without the proper cut for my hair, it wouldn’t matter. Now I’m wondering if all those other times I tried a diffuser and didn’t like it was because I didn’t have the proper cut for my hair? Well, it doesn’t matter now does it? I’m as happy as can be with my amazing #hairdresser and the DevaCurl DevaFuser.

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