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The Week of Nothingness

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

Now that it’s almost over, the week between Christmas and New Year’s is what I call, The Week of Nothingness. This week is like having a snow day for 7 days only better. If you’ve never experienced a snow day, let me explain. A snow day is a day when everything shuts down. Everything. No school. No work. No music lessons, dance lessons, karate lessons, sometimes even your gym may not be open. It’s the perfect mental health day if I say so myself. Few grocery stores will be open and if they are, their shelves will be bare. Many flights will be cancelled, too. Snowplows and sand trucks roam the streets to keep them safe for emergency travel only. Police patrol the streets making sure people who need help get the help they need, and to keep their eyes out for any mischief that may be taking place. It’s dark, gray, gloomy, and the perfect day for sledding, snowball fights, soup, grilled cheese sandwiches, and hot cocoa. I miss snow days.

The Week of Nothingness is better than having 7 straight snow days because you can go to the gym. You can go to the grocery store and their shelves will be filled with food especially the junk food aisles. Restaurants are open. Most extracurricular activities will be cancelled, but the gym will be open for sure! Everyone will be trying to work off all the extra calories they ate for Christmas so they can fit into their New Year’s Eve outfits. Some people may still have to go to work, but things will generally be very slow and non-productive depending on your industry. Travel could be very good or very difficult depending on weather and if there were a lot of cancellations prior to Christmas, like this year.

During this week there’s no pressure to accomplish things. You don’t have to do anything at all because no one is being productive and that’s the beauty of this Week of Nothingness. That can wait for “next year” is a common theme amongst most of us during this week. It’s silly and fun to say. If I do miraculously accomplish something, then I can feel extra proud of myself for getting a head start on the new year. In fact, when I went to the gym today at my regular time, 7:30 AM, there wasn’t a soul in there for the first 5 minutes. Then one regular gal came in and it was the two of us for the next 30 minutes or so. We giggled at having the gym to ourselves, and it was wonderful. I almost didn’t know what to do first. I wish my gym was that slow every day at that time, but I like the couple who own my gym and they need to be successful and that wouldn’t help them be successful.

Sadly, I had to clean up my diet this week ahead of schedule, but I’m okay with it. I’ve got something happening next week and want to feel and look better, so I thought I had better lay off some of that junk food that’s been laying around. In fact, I’m throwing it all out before anyone notices. I took my last few bites of junk yesterday, thankfully. I’ll make a green juice and share with whomever is home at the time and they’ll forget all about the junk food I threw out. Maybe.

The one thing I do not like about The Week of Nothingness is there is nothing on TV. I’ve got 700 freakin’ channels and I’ve seen every decent show out there. Some things twice. What the heck??? I don’t really want to read books, although I do read before bed. I want to be a slug and watch TV while I’m sipping my hot cocoa or tea. It’s not fair. Where’s The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (season 4 starts February 18th)? Or The Flight Attendant (there is a Season 2 coming but we don’t know when, yet)? I need a good binging show for this week. With that said, I am currently watching 1971: The Year That Music Changed Everything, an eight-part docuseries that is fabulous especially if you can remember the best music ever to be made and those turbulent times.

TV Land needs to realize that this Week of Nothingness needs a few good binging shows like Breaking Bad or The Soprano’s. It’s the week to do nothing which is the same as watching TV. I can’t believe no one hasn’t thought of this already. Thank God I still watch the soap opera Days of Our Lives, or I’d really be out of my mind. At least I have that. This is a feasible idea, right? Creating a few good binge TV show for this week only? Can I own an NFT on that idea??

I’m not going to lie; I have been taking it slow. It’s cold where I live with a light rain and cloudiness that we are not used to. I’m loving it because it’s another excuse to stay inside, keep warm, and do nothing. (Except there’s no good TV.) The world around me isn’t spinning like a top so I can be lazy. It’s lovely. I wish I could do this more often. We all could use two separate Weeks of Nothingness during the year, don’t you think? Maybe the week heading into Memorial Day would be a good time. Yes, a perfect time, in my opinion. It would prepare us for the onset of summer. Oh, I think I’m on to something here. I’m going to go sit on the couch and ponder this while I watch DOOL. Then I’m going to clean my refrigerator.

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