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Reason, Season, Lifetime

There’s a poem by an unknown author titled, Reason Season Lifetime, that explains the basic premise of how we should view relationships. Additionally, the expression, “I wish I knew then what I know now”, is equally familiar and I bring this up because I wish I had appreciated the meaning of the Reason Season Lifetime poem when I was younger. It would have saved me a lot of heartache had I understood this principle. Then again, another cliché will tell me I had to learn what I had to learn. The Reason Season Lifetime approach is something I’ve embraced for perhaps the past 10 years and it has made my life easier. I think I’m a bit more compassionate and understanding towards people, easier to let go and easier to work within a relationship to keep it for a lifetime.

Meet Jaz, the young man in the photo with me. I’ve known Jaz and his family for approximately 25 years. My two sons and Jaz’s two brothers all went to school together. My youngest son and Jaz’s brother, Joe, are best friends. Joe is like another son to me; I adore him, and I think I know Joe fairly well. Jaz, on the other hand, I didn’t know all that well until recently. I knew about him and saw him at different events and family affairs but didn’t “know” him. Jaz has Down Syndrome, but Jaz’s parents never allowed that to stop him from living and enjoying life. Not only does he practice #yoga but also helps teach yoga to others with #downsyndrome. He has a wonderful network of friends and has experienced more milestones and adventures than most people.

His mother, Jill, describes him as #authentic and that is precisely Jaz. There is nothing false about him. He is genuinely accepting of everyone no matter age, color, race, religion, height, weight, economic status, you name it. He has patience and is a lot smarter and wiser than people will take him for. He listens. He thinks. He laughs. He has ideas. He is generous, more generous than anyone I have ever met. He is peaceful and calming. He loves. He is #purelove. He does not judge….ever! He is wonderful and refreshing to be around. He has this presence about him that is indescribable. He makes me a better person by causing me to stop, breathe, and view life with gratitude.

Meet #MUA and #authorcorinnacooke Corinna Cooke. I’ve recently had the pleasure of working with Corinna on two separate projects. We hit it off immediately. She is beautiful, funny, friendly, kind, intelligent and has the most amazing stories of her many years of working as a MUA. She’s from New Zealand and has worked in London, Hollywood, and now lives and works in AZ. She’s also just written her 3rd travel book on Italy that teaches you her secrets to glamorous travel on a not so glamorous budget. Just what I need! I have wanted to go to Italy for an exceptionally long time, but my husband does not like to travel outside the United States, and most of my friends want to go with their husbands. How would I ever get to Italy if none of my friends wanted to go without their husbands? I didn’t want to go as a 3rd wheel nor with all strangers; I needed at least one close friend (or cousin) to come with me. Enter Corinna. Anybody who know me knows I honor my Italian culture as much as my American birthright. I love all things Italian and so does Corinna!!! I’m currently reading her first book, Glam Italia! How to Travel Italy. It’s a best-seller as is her 2nd book, Glam Italia! 101 Fabulous Things to do in Rome, and I’ve no doubt her recently released 3rd book, Glam Italia! 101 Fabulous Things to do in Florence will also be a best-seller. These books are exactly what anyone needs if you’re traveling or wanting to #travelItaly. She will teach you how to begin your trip, to travel safely, economically, and have the best trip of your lifetime, and so much more. Additionally, she hosts #glamitaliatours for women, if you choose that route, which of course, I will. You can visit her on

Next up is Daryl Maddern, my trainer from Australia. I’ve spoken about Daryl and #astutefitness #astutefitnessonline and #fitbeyondfifty in past blogs. I met Daryl after reading an article he had written about fitness after fifty and asking a few simple questions about how to restart my weight training after an illness/injury for the more mature woman. Daryl not only answered my questions, but we immediately began training together through email, Skype and now Zoom. His new app is the best thing ever because it holds me accountable. This app has also helped me with a home workout routine during Covid-19 that Daryl monitors weekly. You can’t beat the price either. Visit Daryl at or Taking that step to reach out to Daryl has worked out more than favorably for me and my health.

These things don’t just happen. My belief is its divine intervention from God. I’ve known Jaz for a long time, but because of Covid-19, we’ve been able to spend quality time together, and I’m so grateful. God sent me Corinna and her fabulous travel books, her love of Italy and the Italian culture. Without Daryl, I would still be struggling to maintain my weight and muscle mass. I need to workout not only for my physical health but also for my #mentalhealth, and I could not have done it alone. Prior to Daryl, I had tried a few different trainers and they just didn’t understand my limitations causing me to relapse several times. Most of those limitations have passed because of Daryl’s patience and expertise. All these people are in my life for a #reasonseasonlifetime. Of course, I would prefer they all stay for a lifetime, but I have nonetheless learned valuable lessons and tools that I can take with me as I continue through life.

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