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Updated: Aug 10, 2020

A woman’s eyelashes are as important to her as

her hair, wouldn’t you agree? The desire to have #long, #thick and #dark eye lashes has become so important you can now have #eyelashimplants wherein hair follicles are transplanted from other locations to provide thicker lashes. Then, of course, there’s eyelash extensions, having your lashes curled, using one of the many lash serums available, or false eyelashes. I feel prettier and more feminine if my eyelashes appear thick and luscious just as I do when I’m having a good #hairday. With all the various methods available to achieve #butterfly #eyelashes, I can only assume many women feel the same. (If your eyelashes AND eyebrows are thinning as you age, please always consult with your doctor. You may be suffering from a thyroid or other medical issue than is contributing to this and can be managed with diet and/or medication.)

After a conversation with my BFF, Cheryl, on how to magnify my puny lashes, she suggested I use an eyelash curler. She has 3; one at home, one at the office, and one in her car. What?? In your car?? Oh, be careful there! Have you ever ripped out a bunch of lashes at one time and been left with a hole? It is not attractive, trust me. When had I stopped using an #eyelashcurler? I explained I had one, but it didn’t keep the curl very long, so I didn’t bother using it anymore. I admitted I purchased it from the Dollar Store. Cheryl was a little traumatized by my admission and suggested I get a “better one”.

I went with the traditional eyelash curler, and to be fair, I bought an expensive one that came with rave reviews. It definitely curled my lashes tighter and I liked that. However, after a few days, I noticed before the morning was through, my lashes became straight and limp again. I wanted my #butterflyeyelashes to last the whole day through! One day in frustration, I got out my “cheap” eyelash curler that I had brought into work because Cheryl has one at work so I have to have one at work, and #gently curled my lashes again. #VIOLA. Back to #curled and #thicker looking lashes. Now I just had to comb out my lashes to get rid of the clumping and spider look. I was #happier but still not satisfied.

Soon thereafter, I was having makeup applied for a photo shoot and the MUA used her new favorite mascara. I loved how she got my lashes thick and #glamorous. Of course, I went right out and bought this mini Italian made #mascara and was immediately #besotted. My eyelashes were looking full, long, and beautiful causing my eyes to #pop. Every time I walked by a mirror, I could #see my eyelashes. If I could see them so could everyone else, right? Was it the new favorite Italian made mascara or my clever technique with the eyelash curlers? Who cares? I feel as if I have beautiful butterfly eyelashes all day long. It’s the little things in life that count, right? If you want to know which mascara and/or eyelash curlers I use, message me here or on #instagram and I will be happy to share that information.

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