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Do You Wear Your Heart On Your Sleeve

As a #lifestylemodel, preparing for a photo shoot or a commercial is more than most people not in the business realize. Sometimes I find it stressful but not because I don’t enjoy this life, but because I’m a perfectionist. I want to make sure I’m at my absolute best; rested and looking fresh. If asked to bring some wardrobe selections, I want to bring the best options so the client and director(s) will have enough options to work with, and things will move along smoothly on set.

One thing I always, do is make sure I apply a facial mask the day before the shoot. It could be an at home chemical peel, or a mask of some kind that I HAVE USED BEFORE. This is especially important!! NEVER use anything on your skin one week prior to any project that you have not used before. You don’t want to have an allergic reaction that causes redness or a rash of some kind on your face.

Next, getting a manicure-pedicure is almost always a must. Sometimes you’ll be outdoors wearing sneakers or boots and then in that case, of course, a #pedi isn’t required. However, become good at doing your own mani-pedi’s so that you can look #professional even if it’s not required. Use a light, neutral color because it won’t show mistakes and little chips should that happen. With that said, I do make sure to have a professional mani-pedi once a month.

Clean hair is a must!!! I’ve heard awful stories of talent showing up on set with dirty hair. It’s gross. The #HMUA (hair makeup artist) will not be pleased, and I can assure you will not get booked by anyone associated with that production again. Even if they’re going to style your hair for you, make sure it’s clean! Geez, you think people would know these things.

Two other things not to forget, #shoes and #makeup. It’s hard to play an upscale, #sophisticated woman wearing flats. At least for me it is. I need heels. Who doesn’t associate heels with sophistication?? What about a super casual #mom or #grandma? Then I will need the flats and or sneakers. So, again, #options!!! Always bring basic #makeup and hair items. You never know what can happen. The HMUA could get a flat tire and then everyone is sitting around waiting. But YOU brought your makeup; foundation, mascara, blush, eyeliner, eyeshadow, brow pencil, makeup towelettes, hair ties, etc., and now you’re all set and ready to roll. Production is loving you and will probably think of you the next time they need a #maturewoman with #silverhair.

When I’m asked to bring casual wear, I’m not exactly sure what that means. Casual to me and casual to someone else can be two entirely different things. How about earth tone-colored tops? Beige, brown, green, right? Does white or yellow fit in there? And what about casual jeans? Light blue or dark blue? Torn jeans or not. Make believe torn jeans?? Khaki pants? It’s quite the toss up and I usually end up bringing more than I need. There have been times when I’ve shown up on set and they told me they loved what I was wearing, and I never had to change at all.

Clothes are #mood. The clothes I wear every day reflect my mood. I guess you could say I wear my heart on my sleeve, literally. Haha. But, if I must bring some clothing items to the set, I bring options because I never know how I’ll be feeling that day.

One thing I do know, I’ll be happy because I’m always #happy to be #onset, but will I feel bloated or thin?? Will I feel strong and athletic or dainty and sophisticated? Again, there are a lot of things to consider, most importantly, the role I’ll be playing which is why I usually bring more than necessary.

Even when not on set, I can never understand how some women plan out their weekly attire on Sunday. My friend, Cheryl, plans her outfits each Sunday for the week, right down to the jewelry, hose, and barrette, if she so chooses. How do you know what you’re going to feel like on Wednesday, and if the outfit you have planned for Wednesday will still work? What if it rains or snows? It’s easier for me because it’s always sunny in AZ. If I have something special going on a particular day, I get an idea of what I want to wear but will always have options. And I can honestly say, I usually change my mind the day of. Happens every time.

Let’s get back on track. If I am lucky enough to be booked for a commercial or print shoot, I want to show up prepared. This looks good for me and my agency. It’s my job and the best job in the world, to me, so I want to be remembered as someone who showed up prepared and helped things go along smoothly because of it. I think it’s a surefire way of getting re-booked. #silverlatebloomer

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