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Biomedicine for the woke.

Today's blog is solely based on my opinions and experiences and not intended to heal or diagnosis.

Bioregulatory Medicine. What is it? More commonly referred to as BioMed or European Biological Medicine, Swiss biological medicine, etc., is a comprehensive, evidence-based, and holistic medical model that has been used and refined for over five thousand years. It is a total body and mind approach to health and healing. BioMed aims to help facilitate and restore natural human biological processes. It is a proven, safe, gentle, highly effective, drugless, and side-effect free medical model designed to naturally support the body to regulate, adapt, regenerate, and self-heal.[1]

Dr. Jeoffrey Drobot of the American Center for Biological Medicine, #ACBM, is based in Scottsdale, AZ, and the New England area. Dr. Drobot, #drjeoffdrobot, owns this facility and is my hero. I had been struggling with a health issue for a long time. Things had become increasingly dangerous when I began losing weight and unable to eat hardly any food without constant pain. I tried allopathic doctors and after several exams, tests, and different medications, I continued to lose weight and remained very ill. Dr. Drobot and #ACBM most likely saved my life.

By using various forms of natural and technologically advanced diagnostic and treatment equipment, #drjeoffdrobot devised a plan using supplements, diet, exercise or not exercising intensely, to restore my body back to health. This began with several different supplements to heal my body. Such as a daily probiotic, colostrum, adrenal support, enzymes, and amino L-glutamine, and a few others. I was unable to do any vigorous forms of exercise but was able to walk daily. Not a brisk walk but a stroll. Within two short weeks, I began to feel better. I had hope that I wasn’t going to die, and I really thought I was going to die. I was down to 103 pounds and getting weaker and weaker every day. I was terrified.

Fast track 22 months later and I feel fabulous. Slowly I have been able to go off one supplement at a time, but still taking a few, and I’m okay with that. I was back at the gym (see last week’s blog) before this virus forced the shutdown and continue to weight lift at home #astutefitness as well as brisk walking 7 days a week.

My point to all this is, if you’re suffering from an illness of any type and have not found relief with your allopathic doctor, look into Bioregulatory Medicine, specifically #drjeoffdrobot. As we age, most people think it’s normal to be on several different medicines; statins, high-blood pressure meds, acid reflex medicines, etc. The reality is the human body is designed with dozens of bioregulating systems that are intimately related. When communication within or between these systems fails, dysregulation and symptoms will follow. These systems are designed to be in balance so when pushed out of balance dis-ease happens. There is rarely a single cause of dis-ease. Once the systems are viewed in isolation, we lose the whole. BioMed is #totalbodymedicine which is less about treating a specific diagnosis and more about addressing and reversing dysregulation in the body as a whole.

I’ve met patients of Dr. Drobot’s from all over the world while I’m in his office. I was shocked to learn how commonly used BioMedicine is in other parts of the world. I thought I had hit upon something new and innovative only to learn the United States is far behind in this type of medicine. Do I expect to live forever? No, but I do want the best quality of life I can have while I am living. Mention my name and you will receive a discount on your first visit.

Dr. Jeoffrey Drobot, NMD, American Center for Biological Medicine, 9312 E Raintree Drive, Scottsdale, AZ 85260. 480.614.5820 or,

[1] Dickson, Thom, James Paul Maffitt Odell, Jeoffrey Drobot, Frank Pleus, Jess Higgins Kelley. Bioregulatory Medicine, An Innovative Holistic Approach to Self-Healing. 2018.

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